Quarterly Market Report Personalization – Heart of Atlanta Group

From: $45.00 / renewal and a $45.00 sign-up fee

Maximize your brand recognition with personalized market reports. Cover updated every quarter.
Requirements: Headshot, Agent Bio, Agent Logo, Contact Info, Market Center Info
Please choose if you want the main Heart of Atlanta edition, the Intown Supplement or both. They are separate publications.


PROOF CAREFULLY. Your personalized report will be published with the exact info provided below. There is no approval process.

This will appear below your name.
Please list it exactly how you want it to appear.
We will provide the market center logo.
Skip if you are an existing customer and we already have this on file.
Skip if you are an existing customer and we already have this on file.
Do not upload KWLI, Realtor, or EHO
PROOF CAREFULLY. One 1 revision. 250 words max.

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Personalization Includes:

  • Agent Photo, Logo, & Contact Info on the cover of every new issue
  • Inside Cover Add-In Agent Feature Page
  • Personalized link ( pub.marketingdept.co/agentname/marketreport ) to your branded digital market report*
  • PDF download
  • Renewal Subscription: $45/quarter (quarterly billing dates are Jan 15, Apr 15, Jul 15, and Oct 15)
    Cancel at any time. We will notify you prior to the release date to request an updated cover letter.
  • Hosting**

*If you would like to have your own domain in the link, please contact your webmaster and ask them to set up a masked forward to the link we provide you.
**Digital reports are web based and require hosting just like a website.


Turnaround time for this project is 5 business days

Projects are accepted from from 8am – 6pm Monday – Friday. If you submit it at 6pm on Monday, you will receive it by 6pm on the following Monday. If you submit your project after 6pm on Tuesday, you will receive it on the following Tuesday. Projects submitted over the weekend will be accepted as of 8am Monday morning.