monthly newsletter… painlessly

guaranteed custom touches

Branded For You

Mobile responsive layout personalized with your branding with a custom header and footer.

Specific For Your Demographic

Curated, targeted content for your region & demographic.


Personal Content

Include your own messaging, events, videos, or custom articles.

Flexible Platform

Sent from your email address via your CRM.

Got Your Back Plan

We’ve got your back: if we don’t hear from you, your newsletter will be created for you!

Monthly Touches

Stay top of mind 12 times per year…easy peasy!

How It Works


Design Custom Template

We’ll start by designing a newsletter template specifically for you.  We’ll style to your preferences, using your colors, logo, headshot, fonts….making your newsletter an extension of your brand.


Make Selections

Toward the end of each month you’ll receive an email with your selection options for the next month’s newsletter.  Chose your send date, cover graphic, articles, optional recipe and home maintenance tips, and be able to add your own custom welcome message, featured listings, events, etc.


Create & Review

Magic time!  We’ll take your newsletter selections and will create your newsletter.  You’ll review the draft and can make any necessary changes before it’s sent.



The final version of your newsletter will be uploaded into the CRM/mail program of your choice and sent to your desired contact list.  Slammed and forgot to make your selections?  We’ve got your back–we’ll still put together and send a newsletter for you!

Let’s Do This!

Quarterly Subscription

3 months of newsletters, renews until you cancel.

Annual Subscription

Save money and skip the setup fee!